Help with a Federal Agency

Help with a Federal Agency:

If you need assistance with a federal agency, such as the Social Security Administration, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Internal Revenue Service or any other federal government agency, Congresswoman Eshoo’s office may be able to help. 

To begin, determine whether you’re a constituent of the California’s 16th Congressional District here.  Once you’ve determined that you reside within CA-16, complete and sign a Privacy Consent Form and return it to Congresswoman Eshoo’s Palo Alto office at 698 Emerson Street, Palo Alto, California 94301 or fax to (650) 323-3498. Due to the Privacy Act of 1974, written authorization is needed in order for Congresswoman Eshoo to assist you. Staff will then contact you to assist you with your case.

For assistance with recovery from the recent storms, please review information here first. 

If you’re ready to have Congresswoman Eshoo contact a federal agency on your behalf, here are Privacy Consent Forms for your use:

If you would prefer to send in a webform in advance so we have your information, please use the links below.

NOTE: Filling out the webform below will create the privacy release for you, but you will still need to print, sign, and return the Privacy Release to our office after you submit it. The agencies will not accept the release without your signature.  Please remember to have the person who has an application/case pending with an agency sign the release to avoid delays. 

Help with Legal Issues: 

Congresswoman Eshoo cannot intervene on legal matters pending before the courts or address issues that are not within the jurisdiction of the federal government. If you have a legal question or case and need additional guidance, check out Lawyer Referral Services provided by the State Bar of California or check the List of Pro Bono Legal Service Providers provided by the U.S. Department of Justice.

NOTE: If you are seeking information on your eligibility for various government benefits, may provide the answers to your questions. This website provides information about government eligibility through a free, confidential, and easy-to-use questionnaire.

Help with a State, County, or City Agency: 

If your concern is not with the federal government, but more local in nature, you may wish to contact your State, County, or City elected officials for help. Check below if you’re not sure who your local representative is: