Reps. Eshoo Applauds President Biden’s Recognition of Armenian Genocide

April 24, 2021
Press Release
Eshoo led the charge to bring the Armenian Genocide Resolution to the House floor in 2019

PALO ALTO, C.A. – Today, U.S. Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (CA-18) released the following statement after President Biden became the first U.S. president to recognize the Armenian Genocide during the commemoration of its 106th anniversary:

“Two years ago, I led the successful bipartisan effort in the House of Representatives to break 100 years of U.S. silence and recognize the Armenian Genocide. Today, President Biden did what no other president has done…he recognized the tragedy and called it what it is: a genocide. Between 1915 and 1923, 1.5 million Armenians, and hundreds of thousands of Assyrians, Greeks, Syriacs, Arameans, Maronites, and other Christians were systematically slaughtered at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. The President’s acknowledgment of this tragedy gives the families of those victims, including my own, closure. The President’s words also restore U.S. leadership to human rights and the condemnation of such atrocities. Thank you, President Biden, for your historic leadership, courage, and integrity.”