Rep. Eshoo Raises Concern Over Capabilities of Intelligence Community to Surveil Congress

August 28, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Anna G. Eshoo (CA-18) sent a letter to Director of National Intelligence and the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) today expressing deep concern regarding recently released allegations that Edward Snowden surveilled communications of Congress while he was a contractor at the NSA. The allegations were published in Dark Mirror, a book by Barton Gellman published on May 29, 2020.

“The book includes a previously unpublished revelation: Mr. Snowden used XKEYSCORE, an NSA surveillance tool, to search for communications associated with a publicly listed, official email address of a Member of the House of Representatives. The book states that the email address was ‘Something in the domain.’ ’” wrote Rep. Eshoo.

“The surveillance of Congressional and judicial communications by the executive branch seriously threatens the separation of powers principles of our Constitution. While no Member of Congress, Supreme Court Justice, or any other individual is above the law, their communications, like those of all Americans, should only be collected by the government pursuant to a specific warrant authorized by an independent court as part of a criminal or intelligence investigation.”

The text of the letter can be found HERE.