Health Chairwoman Eshoo Applauds Moderna’s Vaccine Progress

November 16, 2020
Press Release

PALO ALTO, CA – House Health Subcommittee Chairwoman Anna G. Eshoo (D-CA) released the following statement today after the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Moderna announced that an interim analysis showed its vaccine candidate is effective at preventing COVID-19:

“Today we’re celebrating more good news in the effort to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine candidate co-developed by the NIH and Moderna was shown to be safe, well-tolerated, and has a 94.5 percent vaccine efficacy rate based on its interim analysis. Importantly, the vaccine candidate also appeared to prevent severe COVID-19 disease. It is extremely promising that two separate vaccine candidates have so far shown high efficacy and I congratulate all those involved in this life-saving work.

“The Moderna vaccine candidate still needs to undergo the established scientific process for independent verification of safety and efficacy before it can successfully apply for an Emergency Use Authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. This includes collecting two months of safety data and a public review by an external independent panel of experts.”

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