Eshoo Votes for Bill to Address Computer Chip Shortage

July 28, 2022
Press Release
Legislation Includes Eshoo’s Bill to Expand Funding to Chips Materials and Equipment

WASHINGTON, D.C.U.S. Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (CA-18) voted today for the CHIPS and Science Act, legislation that invests in the domestic semiconductor industry, secures the U.S. supply chain, and boosts American R&D. The bill includes Rep. Eshoo’s provision to expand eligibility for CHIPS funding to U.S. suppliers of materials and equipment used to produce semiconductor chips, shoring up the supply chain.

“My Silicon Valley district takes its name from the material used to make semiconductors, but today few semiconductors are made in the Valley or anywhere in the U.S. Once a leader in chip manufacturing, the U.S. now produces only one-tenth of semiconductors used worldwide,” said Rep. Eshoo. “This bill not only takes steps to bring chips manufacturing back to the U.S., but also ensures chip manufacturing tools and materials can be made domestically, creating good-paying jobs and improving resiliency of our semiconductor industry. This investment will reduce America’s dependence on foreign manufacturers and strengthen national security.

“The CHIPS and Science Act also makes historic investments in domestic R&D, ensuring the future of tech is made and designed in America.”