Eshoo Votes Against Iraq Resolution

June 16, 2006
Press Release

June 16, 2006 

WASHINGTON - Representative Anna G. Eshoo, D-Palo Alto, today voted against H. Res. 861, a non-binding House resolution restating the President's policy of open-ended engagement in Iraq. The measure passed 256 to 153. On June 15, Eshoo made the following statement on the House floor in opposition to resolution.

"Mr. Speaker, I thank our distinguished ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee and Congressman Murtha. We salute you for your extraordinary leadership.

"Mr. Speaker, we are here today because the majority has brought a resolution before the House. It is a resolution. It is a nonbinding resolution. For those that are listening in, it just means that we are going to talk. There is not any action that will come out of it.

"Let us think about the context, the broader context of where we are today, June 15, 2006. Across this magnificent country, almost two-thirds of the American people, it matters not where they live, what their economic background is, what their political affiliation is, have now lost faith in the President's war in Iraq.

"They have also lost faith in the President. He had high ratings. He is now down to about 33 percent. And it is about this issue of war in Iraq. Why? Why? Because what was advanced? We had to go in because there was an eminent threat. If we did not get them, they were going to get us. Except that premise, the President even acknowledged, did not turn out to be so.

"We all honor and support our troops. None of us will stipulate to anything less. We all honor the tradition that they have set. We all stipulate to that. We know that there are terrorists in this world. And we will pursue them in the pursuit of the protection of our Nation.

"But there is a difference between Iraq and the war on terrorism. And some people in the Congress, unlike people in the country, do not want to acknowledge that. So where are we today? Our intelligence agency demoralized, intelligence manipulated, the American people ashamed of what we are doing instead of being proud.

"It is too bad, my friends, that the term 'cut and run' is ever used against a man [Rep. Murtha] that has served so honorably and has the medals to show them. I submit that it is the Congress that has cut and run on accountability, on not doing oversight, on not watching where the money is going.

"Potable water has not been improved in Iraq. Even retired generals, for the first time in my life of 63 years have I ever heard retired generals that have spoken out and said this is not a policy, stay the course is not a policy.

"Yes, we need a debate. We need a debate about alternatives. About alternatives. This is a regrettable instrument that you have brought to the floor today. I think two-thirds of the American people understand it."


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