Eshoo Statement on Federal Court Decision Declaring the Affordable Care Act Unconstitutional

December 15, 2018
Press Release
Palo Alto, CA – Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo released the following statement after a federal district court decision in Texas v. U.S. declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional:

“Judge O’Connor’s ruling is based on politics not the law, and is another example of Republican’s unrelenting efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act and strip protections from the more than 130 million Americans who have preexisting health conditions.

“The American people spoke loudly and clearly on November 6th. They demanded that no one be discriminated against because they have a preexisting condition, and poll after poll has demonstrated overwhelming bipartisan support of the American people.

“I will continue to defend the Affordable Care in the next Congress to ensure that the 130 million Americans who are protected today will retain this benefit, and help more to be insured. The Affordable Care Act remains the health insurance coverage for Members of Congress and their families. If it’s good enough for them, the law should remain in place for everyone else.”