​​​​​​​Eshoo Speaks in Favor of Codifying Right to Abortion on House Floor

July 15, 2022
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo (CA-18) delivered the following two speeches ahead of her votes for the Women’s Health Protection Act, which restores the right to an abortion nationwide, and the Ensuring Women’s Right to Reproductive Freedom Act, which prevents states from stopping anyone from traveling across state lines to obtain a legal abortion:

Eshoo’s Speech on the Women’s Health Protection Act:


Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Madam Speaker, I rise in the strongest support possible of the Women's Health Protection Act.

In February of 2020, I held the first legislative Hearing in two decades, to protect access to reproductive health.

Since then, we've seen the steady rollback of abortion rights in Republican-controlled States.

This means that low-income women and minorities have been living in a post-Roe reality for years now.

Now, the Supreme Court has fully revoked the constitutional right to an abortion, leaving states to outlaw and criminalize abortion if they choose to.

This devastating decision has created a patchwork of states with differing laws and restrictions causing societal chaos and confusion across our country.

It's a hunt down of women. It's a hunt down of women.

The Women's Health Protection Act makes sure that every American has equal access to reproductive health care, no matter where they live.

I'm eager to vote for this legislation once again, and I call on my Senate counterparts to codify these vital protections into law. With that, I yield back.

Eshoo’s Speech on the Ensuring Women’s Right to Reproductive Freedom Act:


I rise in strong support of this legislation. It is aptly named the Ensuring Women's Right to Reproductive Freedom Act.

I've listened to the debate so far on this bill and I really find it hard to believe what I'm hearing.

I think, the people of this country need to know that before we get to the reproductive freedoms, that the Republicans are opposed to contraception.

That's a fact around here now, because of what the Supreme Court has unleashed with the decision, the Dobbs decision, we have a patchwork of states with different laws.

Some states, provide full health care for women. Others don't.

Now those living, as the author of this legislation stated, in Texas, they're fleeing Texas to go to other states, but those states want to stop women from traveling.

That's what this is about. To stop women from traveling.

What are they going to do? Put their Highway Patrol on the border to interview people? To find out where they're going and why?

This is extreme in terms of what these states want to do.

So today, the House, in its votes today, makes it crystal clear to those states, that they cannot take this freedom away.

This bill is establishes protections for women, who travel for care, and for health care professionals, who provide that care.

I urge my colleagues to support it.