Announcement of Critical Transportation Funding for 14th Congressional District Communities

March 9, 2005
Press Release

March 10, 2005

Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo announced several important community and regional projects which are included in the Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users, legislation which passed the House today by a vote of 417 to 9.

"I'm very pleased that the House has funded these critical projects," Eshoo said. "They are important investments in our communities and region, and I'll continue to fight to see that they are fully implemented."

The funding in the House-passed Transportation Equity Act includes:

The Gateways to Ravenswood Project (City of East Palo Alto)
$6,000,000 will go toward the redevelopment of the Ravenswood Business District, which is the first major commercial development in East Palo Alto in decades and will be the economic base for the City for years to come.

Oregon-Page Mill Expressway Improvements (County of Santa Clara)
$4,000,000 will go toward improving the Oregon-Page Mill Expressway by adding more turn lanes, traffic signal upgrades, intersection modifications, and bicycle and pedestrian paths. These improvements will greatly alleviate traffic congestion and reduce environmentally-dangerous tailpipe emissions while providing greater access and increased safety for pedestrians and bicyclists in the area.

U.S. 101 Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge (City of Belmont)
$2,450,000 will go toward building a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Highway 101 from Hiller Street to the San Francisco Bay Trail in Belmont. This bridge will further our region's bicycle system network, establishing a connection between the San Francisco Bay Trail and the Skyline Trail, and providing the only safe pedestrian and bicycle crossing of Highway 101 between State Route 92 and State Route 84.

Auxiliary Lanes on U.S. 101 between Marsh Road and the Santa Clara County Line (San Mateo County)
$2,250,000 will go toward the construction of auxiliary lanes on Highway 101 from Marsh Road to the Santa Clara County line, which will help relieve congestion and increase safety by allowing traffic to merge more easily onto the busy freeway.

The Intelligent Transportation System (City of Palo Alto)
$500,000 will go toward a citywide traffic signal upgrade in Palo Alto, helping to reduce delays and congestion by allowing traffic signals to make real-time adjustments to actual traffic demands on local streets.

Environmental Review of Improvements Related to the Connection of the Dumbarton Bridge to Highway 101 (San Mateo County)
$500,000 will go toward the environmental review of plans to relieve the severe traffic congestion and improve the unconventional roadway connection in East Palo Alto between the Dumbarton Bridge and Highway 101.

The Adaptive Traffic Coordination System on Willow Road (City of Menlo Park)
$300,000 will go toward reducing traffic congestion between Willow Road, Middlefield Road, and Hamilton Avenue in Menlo Park by making traffic signals more responsive to traffic demands.

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