San Francisco Chronicle - News Corp. Scandal Prompts U.S. Lawmaker Privacy Questions

July 14, 2011
In The News

The San Francisco Chronicle and Bloomberg recently covered Rep. Eshoo's call for an investigation in the hacking allegations by News Corp.  

U.S. lawmakers pressed regulators to address whether consumers' phones are vulnerable to hackers and asked what federal agencies are doing to protect privacy amid allegations of hacking by a News Corp. newspaper.

Wiretap Laws

At today's hearing, Representative Anna Eshoo, a California Democrat, called on the House Energy and Commerce Committee to investigate the "burgeoning scandal of News Corp."

Asked by Bono Mack if there are sufficient safeguards to protect U.S. citizens from the phone hacking alleged to have taken place in Britain, Genachowski said there are "several laws in place that address hacking issues," including federal wiretap laws and state laws.

Teri Everett, a News Corp. spokeswoman, didn't immediately respond to requests for comment today.

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