San Francisco Chronicle: Lack of campaign donation rule delay irks liberals

September 2, 2011
In The News

Eshoo recently spoke with Joe Garofoli, staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, about the importance of President Obama issuing his draft executive order that would require federal contractors to disclose political contributions.  An excerpt of the article is below:

Eshoo wonders why Obama hasn't issued an executive order - especially since the White House drafted one earlier this year - that would demand that contractors seeking business with the federal government disclose campaign contributions of more than $5,000 that their leaders make.

Eshoo has led the charge to get the administration to act but said the White House has not yet responded to her July 28 letter - signed by 62 House Democrats, nearly one-third of the caucus - asking the president to "respond forcefully" to "distortions" leveled against the idea of disclosing contributions.

"I'm counting on the White House to be courageous on this," Eshoo told The Chronicle this week. "I'm disappointed that they haven't acted sooner."

The order would apply to "the bidding entity, its directors or officers or any affiliates or subsidiaries under its control."

Who specifically are considered "officers" and "directors"? As written, that provision, said Wonderlich and others, could be easily circumvented. He also dismissed Republican concerns that labor unions would be exempted from the order. They're not.

Eshoo said she wants labor donations disclosed, too.

"Disclosure is disclosure," she said. "It should be across the board."

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