NPR - Immigration activists call on President Obama to stop deportations

June 9, 2011
In The News

NPR recently covered Rep. Eshoo's involvement in pushing the administration to order a halt to deportations of undocumented immigrants.

Congress failed to pass immigration reform when Democrats controlled the House and Senate. With Republicans holding the House, immigration activists say there's "no chance" it'll happen now.

But Congresswoman Anna Eshoo of Palo Alto and other Democrats say President Obama doesn't need legislation to stop deportations that involve families. Eshoo says the executive branch has that power now.

"The yardstick by which the president can measure these, he can set aside the deportations, he can define what hardship is," says Eshoo. "What is the point of ripping families apart? It's not what we do in this country."

Eshoo paid tribute to the Korean college student who'd lived here since he was 10 – and the mom whose husband was sent back to Cameroon. Eshoo said these immigrants work hard, pay taxes, and love this country.

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