Mercury News - Rep. Eshoo leads Democratic push for campaign finance reform

July 27, 2011
In The News

Rep. Eshoo, along with more than sixty House Members, recently sent a letter to President Obama expressing strong support for his Draft Executive Order to require companies receiving taxpayer dollars to disclose their political expenditures.  An excerpt from the Santa Cruz Sentinel/Mercury News article written by Jason Hoppin is below:

Rep. Anna Eshoo is leading a charge of House Democrats asking President Obama to formalize rules that would require federal contractors to broadly disclose their political activities.

Eshoo, in a letter to be released Wednesday and signed by more than 60 Democratic House members, wants Obama to ignore Republican opposition and release an executive order drafted in April that requires anyone involved in federal procurements to state how they spread around political donations.

"Sunlight remains the best disinfectant, and there is nothing partisan about finally shining light on this dark corner of our political system," Eshoo, of Palo Alto, wrote in the letter. "We believe that with public funds come public responsibilities, and anyone benefiting from taxpayer money has the responsibility to be fully transparent."

Eshoo previously waged several unsuccessful efforts to pass legislation similar to the proposed order, each one blocked by Republicans. It is based on broader campaign finance reforms sought last year, mainly by Congressional Democrats, in the wake of a controversial U.S. Supreme Court ruling that cleared the way for corporate spending on elections.

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