CBS San Francisco: Bay Area Congresswoman Pushes Funding For ‘Next Generation’ 911 System

August 3, 2011
In The News

Rep. Eshoo recently spoke with Rebecca Corral, a reporter for CBS Radio in San Francisco, about her legislation to implement Next Generation 9-1-1.  An excerpt from the radio story is below:

Palo Alto Congresswoman Anna Eshoo has introduced legislation for a program that could one day allow a person to make a 911 call via text from your cell phone.

Several Bay Area cities are already moving to implement the "Next Generation 911" system that will enable emergency dispatch centers to accept texts, cell phone photos or even video from people reporting an emergency.

"This is next generation technology that our call centers across the country need to have," said Eshoo.

The Palo Alto Congresswoman has introduced a bill that would provide federal money to help local agencies buy the new technology.

"I think it's time to modernize our 911 system so that we can keep up with the changes and ensure that call centers remain reliable," she said.

To listen to the full story, please click here.