Anna's Weekly Update

February 2, 2018
Weekly Update From Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo

It was a very short week in Congress because of the State of the Union address on January 30th and the Republican Conference attending their retreat for the remainder of the week.

Highlights of What the President Did This Week

Statement on President Trump’s Refusal to Impose Bipartisan Sanctions on Russia

In July, Congress passed a bill on an overwhelmingly bipartisan basis by a vote of 419-3 in the House, requiring the Administration to impose defense and intelligence sanctions on entities purchasing Russian military equipment because of their interference in the 2016 U.S. elections. The Senate also passed these sanctions by a vote of 98-2. This week, the Trump Administration announced they would not be imposing these new sanctions on Russia.

The Administration claims that the threat of the law itself is acting as a “deterrent” to future attacks on the U.S., yet on the same day that the Administration refused to implement the sanctions, CIA Director Mike Pompeo stated he has “every expectation that [the Russians] will continue” to interfere in the 2018 midterm elections.

Highlights of What Congress Did This Week

Attended the President’s State of the Union Address

This week the President gave his first State of the Union address to Congress. While the President used the word ‘unity,’ our union, I believe, is deeply divided. To read my full statement on the State of the Union, CLICK HERE.

Voted YES on S. 534, Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act

Last week, former United States Olympic Committee (USOC) doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison after being convicted of sexually abusing female athletes. This week, Congress took action to ensure no athlete will have to endure this harassment again.

The House voted almost unanimously on legislation authored by Senator Dianne Feinstein that would require employees or volunteers of the USOC promptly report allegations of abuse to law enforcement authorities. The legislation requires USA Gymnastics and other athletic governing bodies to implement policies to prevent abuse. Because the House and the Senate have passed identical versions of the legislation, it will now be presented to the President to be signed into law.

Legislation Anna Introduced and Co-Sponsored This Week

Congressional Statement for the Record Recognizing Radio Host Ronn Owens

I joined with House colleagues from the Bay Area to recognize Ronn Owens for his 42-year career hosting KGO’s the Ronn Owens Show.

A resident of San Francisco, Ronn launched his daily radio talk show on KGO 810 in 1975. He has covered topics from politics to pop culture, and his show has been called the “ultimate town hall meeting.” He became known as a voice of reason, balancing issues so that listeners could make up their own minds. In an era of divisiveness and shock radio, Ronn gave listeners a space where all views could be heard in productive discussions.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ronn for many years and I congratulate him on his superb work, his many accomplishments, and wish him the very best with his newest endeavor.

Cosponsored the Safe COAST Act

In December, the Trump Administration quietly announced that two commonsense safety regulations enacted after the 2010 BP oil spill would be altered or eliminated completely. The first is a production safety systems rule that updates standards for safety and pollution prevention systems. The other, the well-control rule, improves the safety of ‘blowout preventers’ which seek to prevent the kinds of explosions that caused the BP oil spill. I joined House colleagues this week in cosponsoring the Safe COAST Act to codify these two rules into law. Loosening these regulations increases the risk of a devastating oil spill and threatens to upend the many thriving fishing, tourism, and recreation economies along the Pacific coast.


Cosponsored Childcare for Working Families Act

This week I cosponsored the Childcare for Working Families Act, a comprehensive early learning and childcare bill to ensure affordable, high-quality childcare for working families across our country. The legislation creates a federal-state partnership to ensure families making less than 150 percent of their state’s median income do not pay more than seven percent of their income on childcare. The bill also supports access to high-quality preschool programs for low and moderate income 3 and 4 year olds. Finally, the bill supports our nation’s childcare workforce by significantly improving wages and training for teachers and caregivers.

Affordable, high-quality childcare is no longer a luxury--it’s a necessity. This legislation is a smart investment in our children, in families and our economy.


Policy Letters Anna Wrote and Cosigned This Week


Letter to President Trump Expressing Support of the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Office

This week I became a signator on a letter to the President urging him to provide robust funding in his budget for the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). I’ve seen firsthand how valuable and effective the COPS program is in our local communities.

For over two decades, the COPS Office and its corresponding programs have provided invaluable resources and technical assistance to state, local, territorial, and tribal law enforcement agencies to advance community policing efforts that have reduced crime and made towns and cities across America safer. These additional resources and assistance have helped implement initiatives to develop and test innovative policing strategies and provide training to community members, local government leaders, and all levels of law enforcement. To read the full letter, CLICK HERE.

Weekly Highlights

The Democratic Women of the U.S. House of Representatives wore black to the State of the Union address to stand in solidarity with the countless victims of sexual harassment who have spoken up and spoken out. We say #TimesUp on sexual harassment because all women deserve equality and respect.

In My Constituents’ Words

Every week hundreds of my constituents call and write to me to express their concerns, share their passions and ask questions regarding legislation and policies. I actually read every communication and every constituent receives a personal response to their specific questions and comments.

Here’s a snapshot of the issues constituents wrote and called me about this week:

  • 451 constitutions wrote to me to express their support for net neutrality.
  • 147 constituents wrote to me in support of protecting Special Counsel Mueller.
  • 110 constituents wrote to me in support of finding a permanent solution for the 800,000 DREAMers who face deportation in the coming weeks.


Anna’s Recommended Reading

Frequently, I read articles or see videos that I think my constituents would benefit from. 

Washington Post- “‘#ReleaseTheMemo’ is nothing but a hyperpartisan attempt to discredit Mueller

This week, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and House Republicans crossed from dangerous irresponsibility and disregard for our national security into an even deeper campaign to protect the president by voting along party lines to release a memo which drastically misrepresents the work of the Department of Justice and the FBI.

This Washington Post Editorial claims the release of Chairman Nunes’ misleading spin memo is part of House Republicans’ campaign to protect President Trump and hide the truth about the Trump-Russia scandal from the American people.