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An open architecture is essential to preserving the free choice, competition and innovation that have driven the Internet and made it so successful. Without strong protections, the open architecture of the Internet which has allowed innovation on the web to thrive could be replaced by “walled gardens” controlled by the large telecommunication and cable companies. A free and open Internet would prohibit Internet Service Providers from blocking Internet applications and content, particularly those of competitors.

Rep. Eshoo sees this as an important consumer rights issue. In December 2010, the FCC approved a set of rules intended to preserve a free and open Internet. Rep. Eshoo has said that the FCC must be vigorous in enforcing these rules to ensure that consumers will be able to choose their content on the Internet and not be blocked from doing so.

Rep. Eshoo strongly opposes any attempts to unravel these rules. As Ranking Member of the Communications and Technology Subcommittee, Rep. Eshoo is leading the fight to preserve a free and open Internet and ensure the FCC can move forward with implementing basic consumer protections for the Internet. She has recently spoken out in support of the rules before the Energy & Commerce Committee and on the floor of House of Representatives.

In August 2012, Rep. Eshoo joined in signed the Declaration of Internet Freedom, reflecting her long held belief that the Internet must remain an open and transparent structure.

In April 2013, Rep. Eshoo joined as an original cosponsor of H.R. 1580, legislation that affirms a U.S. policy position that defends the successful multi-stakeholder process and ensures the Internet remains free from government control.

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