Veterans Administration Backlog

Far too many of our nation’s veterans are forced to wait, some for more than a year, to receive the disability benefits they deserve. Rep. Eshoo has worked closely with many veterans in her district to assist with their claims and ensure they receive a timely response from the Veterans Administration (VA). She has also worked closely with her colleagues in Congress to solve the backlog crisis once and for all, and while progress has been made, much more work remains to be done.

Rep. Eshoo believes it our nation’s sacred duty to honor and uphold the promises we’ve made to our veterans. They deserve the housing, education, disability, retirement and other benefits they’ve been promised. Some veterans, however, are forced to wait six months, one year, or even longer to receive the benefits they deserve—and hundreds of thousands of benefit claims are currently “backlogged” at the Veterans Administration (VA).

Electronic claims are easier to track and more efficient to process than paper claims. The Veterans Administration (VA) has established an electronic claims processing system, called the Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS), which has the potential to shorten processing times substantially once implemented. The VA is converting more than one million pages of paper claims documents to electronic form each day. Rep. Eshoo supports the transition from paper to VBMS, and continues to closely monitor the VA’s progress.

Rep. Eshoo has also worked closely with veterans in her district to assist them with filing individual claims, and to ensure the VA provides them with a timely, accurate, satisfactory response.