Congressional Nomination to U.S. Service Academies

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Thank you for your interest in a nomination to one of the United States Service Academies.

Below is general information how to request a nomination:

Service Academy Application Form (Entering class Summer 2020)

Please note that you must provide all of the following items with your application form to be considered for a nomination:

  • A completed application
  • A copy of your SAT1 or ACT scores (score report codes: SAT 4141; ACT 7257)
  • An official high school transcript
  • Three letters of recommendation (with at least one completed by an official at your school)
  • A 4 inch by 6 inch photo of yourself

Please compile all the above listed items into one packet.  Once compiled, make four copies of your original application packet and mail or FedEx the original application packet, along with the four copies to me. Your high school counseling office may be able to assist you with your application.

If you have not already requested an application packet from the Service Academy of your choice, please do so.  The application for a nomination is separate from the Academy application process, so you must make sure you complete both.  The Academy admissions office will send you a packet on the academic, extracurricular and military aspects of its program, and will request information from you for their Candidate Pre-Selection Evaluation.  This information should be sent directly to the Academy.  All qualified candidates will be scheduled for an interview on a day to be determined with the Service Academy Review Board that Rep. Eshoo has designated to assist her with the nomination process.  The interview affords you an opportunity to talk with the panel about your interest in the Academy and your qualifications for a nomination.  The interview will also provide you with an opportunity to present dimensions of yourself that are not easily communicated on an application form.

Once all of your interviews have been completed, the Service Academy Review Board will submit its recommendations to Rep. Eshoo.  After reviewing these recommendations and the application packet of each candidate, Rep. Eshoo will forward her nominations to the Academies.  She will submit these nominations no later than January 31st and you can expect notification from her office on your status shortly thereafter.  The Academies will schedule medical examinations for all nominees upon receipt of the nominations, and the exams will occur during the first four months of the following year.  Nominees will be notified of their acceptance or disqualification by the academy during the first five months of the year.

The law requires that candidates to the Service Academies be at least 17 years old and not yet 23 years old on July 1st of the year the candidate would enter an academy (25 years old for USMMA), that they be United States citizens, unmarried, and have no dependents.  In addition, the Academies look for candidates of good scholarship with strong backgrounds in math and science, leadership potential and physical aptitude. Medical fitness and a motivation toward a military career immediately following graduation are also important. Each of the Academies has established a minority admissions office to identify and encourage applications from minority students who might not otherwise consider applying to an academy.

Please understand that the decision to attend a Service Academy is a serious one and requires a strong personal commitment from you to serve our country in this capacity. The Academies challenge students physically, mentally and emotionally. Advice from family, friends, educational counselors and others may be helpful to you, but ultimately you must make for yourself this important decision that may affect your entire career.

Please feel free to contact Rep. Eshoo’s Palo Alto district office for additional information or assistance.

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