Eshoo Applauds Vote to Modernize Caltrain

July 6th, 2012

PALO ALTO, CA—Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (D-Palo Alto) today applauded the California state legislature for approving funding to modernize Caltrain. The legislature approved a plan that is part of $1.5 billion funding agreement to electrify Caltrain. The plan will increase safety and energy efficiency, as well as stabilize the agency’s operating budget.

“This is an historic moment and a huge win for the Peninsula,” Rep. Eshoo said. “An electrified Caltrain will be more efficient, increase revenue, and reduce costs. It will also connect to other rail segments throughout the state to reduce pollution and traffic, improve the movement of goods, and provide more options for the traveling public.”

“The vote of the California legislature today will ensure that we have the best system for riders and local communities, which are my top transportation priorities for my constituents. Now, the little train that can, will.”


Rep. Eshoo has been a leading advocate for Caltrain modernization. In June 2010, she wrote an Op-Ed for the San Francisco Chronicle that outlined her support for Caltrain. In June 2011, she secured $16 million for a Positive Train Control system to improve Caltrain’s safety and efficiency, and also will provide the foundation for essential signaling. In April 2011, together with State Senator Joe Simitian and Assemblyman Rich Gordon, Rep. Eshoo called on the CHSRA and the local Joint Powers Board to develop plans for a blended system that integrates high-speed rail funds to create a 21st century Caltrain.

Most recently, the Bay Area Council released a report that estimates that nearly 9,600 jobs will be created through a modernized Caltrain. It will also reduce pollution by 90 percent, and reduce energy consumption by 64 percent.


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